How to replace a land rover’s headlining

This work was carried out for my good friends at More 4×4 Ltd, Kingsley.

Baggy and faded, this headliner needs TLC!
hardly any foam backing left on the old liner
Proper prep is key. All this old foam has to go.
Nearly there, just the edges left.

Why the headlining fails

Just quickly, here’s why your headliner might not be doing too good.

  • humidity
  • damp
  • extreme temperature changes
  • scuffs and scrapes from dogs/farming equipment/Ikea boxes etc.
  • foam backing degradation

You can replace a headlining yourself

What you need is:

  • replacement headliner material
  • suitable upholstery glue
  • patience
  • patience
  • patience

The key to getting a great looking re-covered headliner is to fully prep the old one. The old foam backing on this one has failed leaving a sticky powder all over the base.

Prep by… scraping off the degraded foam until completely clean, wipe down with a cleaning solvent and wait until dry. Use patience.

Next… lay your material over the base and working slowly, section by section, apply the adhesive, gently working the material into all the curves and pockets. Use lots, and lots of patience.

TIP: Use double the amount of glue for tricky areas.

Then… trim up the excess, fold over the rim and seal with glue and maybe short staples.

Cut the holes for light fittings etc. after the liner has completely dried. Use a super-sharp craft knife for this.

Fair warning though chaps, this is a time consuming job! Don’t expect this finished within an hour!